How Can We Try To Prevent Cancer from Reappearing


140985_CanCausPath_660x320_2Cancer is one disease which makes people afraid and it also makes them lose hope about their life. Not all cancers are fatal and not all people lose their hope because they have cancer, but in general, when cancer is mentioned, people do get scared. As we all know cancer means the cells in thehuman body are growing at anabnormal rate. Not only the cells grow at an abnormal rate, but while the new cells are growing, the old cells don’t die. This means that there are too many cells in the human body which make take theshape of tumors. Not all the cancers take a shape of tumors, but cancerous cells can grow in any part of human body.

When the cancerous cells grow in different parts of human body, they appear in different forms. It means that tumors or lumps are formed in brain or breast, whereas leukemia is found in the bone marrow and blood. Lymphoma always attacks the immune system and carcinomas can be found in theskin. Percentage of breast cancer is high in women and men are affected by the prostate cancer.However, there are some kinds of cancer which affect both the genders. As of now there are three lines of treatments which are used to treatcancer. They are as follows.

  • Surgerybreast-cancer-nurse

Surgery means removing the part of human body which is affected by cancer with the help of surgical treatment. Sometimes when the affected part of the body is removed, cancer may not come back.

  • Radiation

When X-Rays are used to kill the cancerous cells, the therapy is called as radiation.

  • Chemotherapy

When chemicals are used to remove the cancerous cells from thebody, the therapy is called as chemotherapy.

However, even if the above therapies are successful at removing cancer from thehuman body, it does not mean that it won’t come back. There are some ways which can try to prevent cancer from coming back or at least to lengthen the period of remission.

How to prevent cancer from recurring?

  • Dietary changes

Once the cancer is removed from your body by any type of treatment, it is important that you should carry on with the same diet plan. This diet plan will help your body to regain the strength. Following the diet plan which was given to you when you were suffering from cancer may help the body to prevent cancer from reappearing.

  • Exercises or physical fitnessexercise-old-age-fitness

Moderate exercises with ahealthy diet will help you keep healthy and fit. It may not directly prevent cancer from coming back, but they will prepare your body so that it may fight back cancer and win.

We can say that you should change your lifestyle and eating habits and try following the healthy habits as soon as possible. Prevention of cancer is not yet reported possible by anyone in the field of medicine but being healthy and fit will naturally give you an edge as far as cancer is concerned.