A Guide to Breast Implant Removal

Breast augmentation has been one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for decades. Women appreciate the ability to enhance their appearance. Some seek reconstructive surgery after breast cancer, some are frustrated by breast changes after pregnancy, and others simply want to be more voluptuous. However, time can change priorities and even cause complications with existing implants. These changes have led a number of women to seek breast implant removal from Tampa plastic surgeons.

Personal Causes of Implant Removal
The most common personal cause of implant removal boils down to a simple change in priorities. Women who sought breast implants in their 30s may now be 50 and seeking a simpler body image closer to their natural figure. Other physical and emotional changes can lead to implant removal like weight gain, breast cancer, and other issues.

Medical Causes of Implant Removal
Breast implants do require upkeep, usually every 15 years or so. While many women are happy to maintain their implants and consider it a small price to pay for such an improved appearance, others encounter problems that make removal an easier option. Capsular contracture, which occurs when scar tissue around the implant tightens and causes pain, is one issue that might make implant removal an attractive option.

The Surgical Procedure and Options

The implant removal surgery is fairly simple for women who don’t have painful scarring and just need the implants themselves taken out. In that case, the surgeon removes the implant, stitches the skin, and the procedure is done. For women suffering from capsular contracture, the surgeon might need to remove the scar tissue in a longer and more complex procedure.

A Tampa breast implant removal along with a breast lift is a popular option for many women who, though they are happy to return to smaller breast size, want to ensure their breasts stay perky. The good news is that compared to a breast augmentation surgery, the implant removal process is far less painful and requires very little recovery time.

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